Incorporated in March 2017, Trams are the building up organisation and gaining experienced in traffic control management scope, whereby we are very intense in providing professionals advice and traffic management for minor or major project throughout the Klang Valley and surrounds not limited to the current high-profile project of the Government of Malaysia under the MRT Corporation.

The company also in a stage of developing an assistance, collaboration and association with the local and state government bodies, utility companies, major construction companies but not limited to the existing players in the market with involving in the design and application, implementation in road traffic control, that ensuring the safety and of workers, road users, pedestrians and crowd.

With a strength of a complete team for traffic management equipped to provide planned traffic control management as well as emergency traffic control, our well experienced operation team, trained and hold all the necessary competency qualification, accreditations and certification. Our qualified service is comprehensive and delivered by a team of experts, the service is flexible and support all the authorisations and requirements.

In the steps and view of diversifying the business opportunity, the Company also developing his arms to more challenging entity consists of Engineering & Construction, Trading & Distribution and courageous industries of Production & Manufacturing.

The Result

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